Attorney Tara Smalstig is the type of lawyer every client wants. She is extremely intelligent and hard working. She and her staff take care of your needs in a timely, very thorough manner. Each and every day, she leads by example of what all attorneys should be.

I wanted to write Dennis, Wenger & Abrell a recommendation for all of the help and kindness your firm has shown to me, my family and the referrals I have sent to your team.

Your help with wills, sales partnering, business setups and general advice on all things over my head has been nothing less than stellar!

Tara, many times, when the area of expertise is not in your court, the references to other subject matter experts in the firm is always appreciated and has been back fed to me with appreciation for sending them to true Pros!

I am so glad that your team is always on my team and willing to help me with any all things I run into.

A grateful customer and friend of the firm.