Estate Planning & Administration – Wills & Trusts

The growing complexities of today’s tax laws are challenging the preservation of tomorrow’s family and business financial interests. Dennis, Wenger & Abrell assists clients in planning and protecting their future. Our professionals are diverse and dynamic, representing a variety of clients from seasoned individuals whose net worth is in the hundreds of millions to young families just starting to build their nest egg.

We help determine what is important to you. Plans and strategies are designed to accomplish the personal objectives of our clients, whatever their financial status, and assist in the final protection and security of family members. Each plan is uniquely designed to be responsive to each client’s needs.

Dennis, Wenger & Abrell’s professionals also work closely with investment advisors, accountants, pension consultants, life underwriters and banking representatives to develop the most comprehensive estate plan possible. We want to maximize the transfer of family wealth while minimizing any tax burden, both state and federal.

We counsel clients on a range of concerns, including:

  • Retention of control
  • Tax minimization
  • Inheritance maximization
  • Inheritance equalization
  • Business continuity
  • Relative tolerance for risk or complexity

Dennis, Wenger & Abrell’s attorneys will also review family business issues, such as buy-sell agreements and other business continuation alternatives for preservation of family ownership and control of the family business.

We analyze the effect of all types of taxes as applied to your assets, including:

  • The federal gift and estate tax
  • The generation skipping tax
  • Local estate and inheritance taxes determined by your state of residence

Our professionals are experienced in the planned disposition of a business to continuing shareholders or others, including the impact of all taxes due on transfers.

Dennis, Wenger & Abrell’s services continue after the death of a client, providing assistance to the client’s executor in the settlement of the estate according to the plan. We also offer assistance to trustees in the funding and administration of trusts. We provide assistance from initiating the probate of the will and opening the estate through the filing of necessary tax returns and making final distributions to the beneficiaries. Our services include:

  • Providing advice on accounting for property interests as assets of the estate
  • Assisting in the valuation of those assets Evaluating cash needs of the estate for payment of claims, expenses and taxes
  • Preparing any necessary estate, inheritance and income tax returns
  • Counseling for orderly payment of claims, disposition of assets and the final distribution of assets and funding of trusts.


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